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Customer Acquisition

We focus on validating leads by connecting to customers so you can focus on sales. We call, text and email prospects to transfer a live call direct to you.

AppleConnect Tech
Voice Active Program

VoiceActive™ Tech

Our innovative VActive™ Technology verifies active phone numbers and email addresses. Text messages are generated and calls are made to connect with prospects. When contact is made our verification teams will connect with these prospects to further screen their intent. Once connected the Verification Team live-transfers the customer direct to your dealership’s representative. Average connect rate with this method is 70%.

Integrated CARXcrm™

CARXcrm™ is a state-of-the-art, 24/7 – 365 custom tool to help our clients manage their leads.
Leads can be delivered to your custom CRM on our platform or forwarded to your own proprietary lead management tool. CARXcrm™ offers full communication capabilities via our softphone, Email or SMS. The CARXcrm™ portal also offers document templates, integration with Echosign, and offers the ability to provide agent’s with customizable call scripts.

Connect and Respond CRM
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