AppleConnect VISA Rewards

Earn Rewards

While You Sell Cars

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Reloadable Prepaid VISA
Use for Treats or Buy More Leads
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Introducing a new spiff for your wallet.

Sell our leads or make referrals. Everybody wins! The AppleConnect Rewards Program has customers earning as much as $5000 per month. Purchase one or more of our lead programs or refer our programs to others and start earning right away.

$2 Reward Per Lead

AUTOLEADX Program: Simple! Get a $2 credit to your Rewards Cards for each lead you purchase.

$300 for Referrals

SPOTLEADS Program: Refer a dealer to SPOTLEADS for an instant $300 credit to your Rewards Cards when they sign up.

DOUBLE Rewards

Use your new VISA Rewards Card to buy leads and we double the value!

You're On Fire

You can’t lose. Earn more money for doing what you already do. Sell those cars!

AppleConnect Visa Rewards