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Lead prices are determined by the market you are in, the territory you select to reach buyers and the buyers minimum income. You can purchase either AUTOLEADX Special Finance leads or SPOTLEADS which is composed of a variety of buyer categories.

We do not charge an activation fee to sign up with our services.

We allow up to 30% returns. Leads can be returned for the following reasons: phone disconnected; incorrect information; bankruptcy; repossessions; not interested; no response.

We do not run credit scores but our applicants give consent for the dealership to run their credit.

Every lead sold by AppleConnect is 100% exclusive and arrives in real time from our network of proprietary websites.

We will provide you with our user friendly CRM CARXcrm. You also can also receive leads via email and text. If you have you own preferred 3rd party CRM we will deliver to that as well.

Absolutely not. Every lead sold by AppleConnect is 100% exclusive.

Although results depend on varying factors such as vehicle inventory and sales staff effort, we can say that the worst results we have seen in the past 15 years is about 5%. The best we have seen is 20%. Most of our clients consistently deliver 10-12% of the leads they purchase. For example, with a purchase of 100 leads you can reasonably expect to delivery 10-12 units per month.

For best results we highly recommend a minimum of 100 leads. However 50 leads is the minimum dealer purchase.

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Artificial Intelligence
Our AI cuts through invalid leads quickly ensuring only true leads enter the contact and verification stage.
Dedicated Account Manager
Your Account Manager will work hand-in-hand with you throughout our relationship.
Virtual BDC
Our call center agents function as a virtual BDC at your fingertips.