Introducing our revolutionary Artificial Intelligence lead verification software


LEADXRAY validates lead entries in real-time and eliminates inaccurate data before it reaches your CRM.

Fully secure application with premium support.

Reliable, high-quality and scalable lead volume.

Improve staff productivity

Overcome lead info problems saving considerable man-hours spent on verifying contact address, email, and phone data.

Data Cleansing Taken to the Next Level

Our process of identifying inconsistencies, inaccuracies, incompleteness, and other messy data and scrubbing it to get clean and standardized data does all the heavy lifting for you.

Enhanced customer targeting

We clean and verify the prospect’s name, address, email and phone number to drive higher contact rates which improves lead quality and increases your vehicle sales.

Screen and Scrub Duplicates

We identify and remove duplicate customer names to avoid any overlap in marketing campaigns and lead acquisition ensuring your leads are 100% unique to your dealership..

How We Do It

Data Integration

We connect to various data sources and load data from our own data points and others, such as local files, database servers, CRMs, or other web applications.

Data Profiling

We run customer profile and validity checks to evaluate data quality, build or update data profile reports, and identify additional data cleaning opportunities to remove informational anomalies from data sources.

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