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Our highly skilled BDC team specializes in getting applicants directly to you. The result is the strongest lead in the market.

Averaging a 75% contact rate for your business

Verification Team
Highly trained sales agents connect with and verify leads. We call, text and email every lead.
Email & SMS Text
We text and email prospects manually and by autoresponse.
Exclusive Leads
All leads are 100% exclusive and self-generated.
Verification Process
Average close ratio of 15% or more. Verifying leads before delivery improves quality and saves time.


What is the most common problem associated with leads? This would be the validity of the applicant’s information. Oftentimes dealerships spend both, valuable time and money, chasing an applicant only to find:

Disconnected or incorrect phone number
Customer never applied for a loan
Applicant already purchased a vehicle
Application completed in order to obtain a prize or reward


VActive works in conjunction with LEADXRAY, our proprietary Artificial Intelligence Lead Verification Software Application. Click here for more information about LEADXRAY.

Our Process Leads to Success

Or solution is verification of all leads and elimination of non-responsive applicants.
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